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Guidelines for HDB Renovation Works

  1. House owners are required under the Housing & Development (Renovation Control) Rules to engage an HDB Registered Renovation Contractor to carry out renovation works which shall be taken to mean alteration and addition work (Works) to the Unit. House owners shall engage their own HDB Registered Renovation Contractors for the approved Works and pay all charges and costs thereof. The engagement of these contractors is strictly on a private basis between the flat owners and the contractors and HDB is not privy to the contract. If there is disagreement on the pricing, schedule or quality of the renovation, both parties would have to resolve the matter between themselves. If the matter cannot be settled amicably, they may seek assistance through CASE or the Small Claims Tribunals. Alternatively, they could seek remedy through court proceedings.
  2. To check if the contractor is a HDB Registered Renovation Contractor, you may visit HDB InfoWEB at www.hdb.gov.sg under Living in HDB flats > Home Renovation > “Looking For Contractors” or via Mobile@HDB using a smartphone. Alternatively, you can call the toll‐ free HDB Branch Service Line at 1800‐225 5432.
  3. Certain types of Works to the Unit can only be carried out with prior written approval from HDB. HDB will issue a permit for such Works before the HDB Registered Renovation Contractor can commence the Works.
  4. It is an offence under the Housing & Development (Renovation Control) Rules if house owners fail to engage an HDB Registered Renovation Contractor or obtain a renovation permit from HDB, (if applicable) or comply with renovation rules. On conviction, the house owners can be subject to a court fine of up to $5,000. In addition to the payment of the court fine, the unauthorised Works must be removed and reinstated to its original condition.
  5. Where a permit is not required for the proposed renovation item, house owners are still required to comply with the guidelines/conditions governing the items as set out in the guidelines.
  6. House owners are required to authorise their HDB Registered Renovation Contractor to submit the renovation application on their behalf for renovation works that require HDB’s prior approval. Your appointed HDB Renovation Contractor is required to attach a copy of the acknowledgement form duly signed by the flat owners during the submission of the renovation application. A copy of this form is available via the e‐service under HDB downloadable form in the HDB InfoWEB
    at www.hdb.gov.sg
  7. The HDB Registered Renovation Contractors must display the Notice of Renovation outside the Unit for the entire duration of the renovation.
  8. The house owners are advised not to carry out any Do‐It‐Yourself (DIY) works involving drilling and hammering from 10.30pm to 7am as such works generate some amount of noise which may cause disturbance to your neighbours. If you are unable to keep within these limits, you should inform your neighbours beforehand.
  9. Please note that general renovation can be carried out only between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm daily.
  10. Noisy renovation such as demolition of walls, removing wall/floor finishes, cutting of tiles and drilling works, etc. are restricted from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm daily during weekdays.
  11. Noisy renovation are not allowed to be carried out on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
  12. House owners are responsible for the renovation in their Unit. They must ensure that the Works carried out by the HDB Registered Renovation Contractors are in accordance with HDB’s requirements.

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