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The bathrooms in the Unit are provided with wall and floor tiles. As these areas are designed to be wet areas, a waterproofing membrane has been laid on the cement screed before laying the floor tiles. This is to prevent water from leaking through the flooring of the Unit and affecting the interior of the Unit below. Hence, all house owners are not allowed to replace the wall and floor tiles provided at the bathrooms for a period of three (3) years. House owners may lay new floor finishes over the existing floor finishes using adhesives subject to HDB’s prevailing guidelines. The 3‐year restriction period will commence from the issuance of the TOP.
The list of renovation that are not allowed is as follows:

  1. Hacking, alterations or removal of reinforced concrete wall, columns, beams, slabs, etc.
  2. Excessive overloading of the floor slab with a load greater than 150kg for every metre square of floor
  3. Plastering of ceilings
  4. Partitioning with combustible or toxic emission materials (e.g. plywood, plastics, asbestos etc.).
  5. Raising of floor level exceeding the allowable thickness of 50mm (inclusive of floor tiles) using concrete.
  6. Constructing water tank in bathroom except ready‐made fiberglass bathtub.
  7. Painting external part of building (e.g. common corridor walls and ceilings).
  8. Installing awning or other fixtures outside Unit.
  9. Laying floor finishes outside entrance door without having recess area or step.
  10. Replacement of existing full height windows, including 3/4 height windows and bay windows.
  11. Removal or modification of railings at the balcony.
  12. Partial or total enclosure including installation of external grilles on air‐conditioner ledge.
  13. Only grilles already installed by the Developer are allowed.
  14. Installation of overhead grilles (i.e. caging up) at the balcony, where applicable
  15. Change of use of planter box and air‐conditioner ledge.
  16. Placement of reflective film (exceeding 20% reflectance) over existing window’s glass panel.
  17. Installation of windows, wall, full height sliding door, screen and/or structure of any form to enclose the balcony area. Only grilles with approved designs are allowed to be installed.
  18. Erection of additional one layer of wall behind existing railing of balcony.
  19. Installing of window unit air‐conditioners.
  20. Replacement of glazing of windows with colour that is different from the original.
  21. Sealing up existing window, main door and Household Shelter openings.
  22. Drilling of holes through beams, columns and other structure members.
  23. Create opening in existing external walls.
  24. Any works that affects external facade
  25. Relocation of sliding door at balcony
  26. Covering up the gas louver above the kitchen cabinet.
  27. Sealing up the access panel to the Household Shelter vent behind the kitchen cabinet.
  28. Sealing up of all access panels.

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