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Our Interior Design Process

Your interior design project requires the utmost attention, and we are here to provide it. Throughout our six-step interior design process, you can be sure that each aspect of your project will receive thorough attention and that no detail will be left unattended.

1. Analysis

The first step in completing your interior design project is for our team of dedicated professionals to discuss your vision for your space. This can be done on-site or at our comfortable and stylish studio. We will take the time to find out what your needs are and help you identify which of our services will best meet your budget, time line, and lifestyle. With our designers’ collective and individual experience and knowledge of current design trends, we can help you define and design the perfect space.

2. Concept

This is the fun part. We provide you with several options from which to choose after initially proposing an overall design style. You’ll get to view and examine illustrations or computer-generated graphics in colour to demonstrate the possibilities of lighting, furniture style and arrangements, and floor plans. This enables you to clearly see how you can best use the space.

3. Development

During development, we enhance and refine the visual aspects of your chosen design. You can see the scale and proportions of the space, which can increase your overall confidence in your design choice. We supplement computer-generated images with illustrations, floor plans, mood boards, and elevations to help you visualize the space after the project is complete.

4. Technical

When development is complete, the technical part of the process begins. Your choices are changed into working drawings for the actual design implementation stage. Wall elevations, pictures of window coverings, furniture, lighting, floor plans, and cabinetry will help maintain and enrich the overall and detailed vision for the space.

5. Procurement

After you sign off on the final design proposition, we schedule the procurement, delivery, and installation of your space’s components.

6. Project Coordination

In the last stage of design, we collaborate closely with subcontractors, vendors, and craftsmen to be sure that your project is completed on-time and with the highest quality standards in mind.


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