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Costa Ris

Inspired by Nordic design and realized with lots of warm, luscious wood and comfortable furnishings. The soft light fixture and furniture soften the harsher lines of architectural elements, flooring and walls. Natural wood elements are common throughout the house, which helps to give much of the decor a calming and neutral atmosphere. There is nothing busy or loud about this design.

The placement of this home work area allows the desk to be out of sight and out of mind whilst relaxing on the sofa at the end of a tough day, but also allows the workplace to a part of the room when in use, and even enables a clear view of the television. The bedrooms in the home are kept exceedingly simple in color and design. Light colored bedding, custom cabinetry and just a few decorations create a welcoming retreat for the end of every day.


HDB Interior Design, Residential, Showcase