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TreeTrail @ Woodlands

Just as the fashion industry jumps from trend to trend with every passing season, so do home décor preferences shift and change over time. In recent memory, there have been a variety of trends, but one that has had significant staying power has been a clean, modern aesthetic.

The most prominent of these elements are the way in which the space uses very clean lines, a mostly neutral color palette, and is committed to keeping things well lit. The lines of the apartment are key to the modern feel.

When a home is warm and welcoming, it becomes a place that is a joy to be. Evenings spent on the sofa or simply curled up with a good book are imbued with a new type of pleasure. There is nothing more important calling your name outside or online. Just the simple quiet of your own home. Inspired by Nordic design and realised with lots of warm, luscious wood and comfortable furnishings, this home is a homebody’s dream come true.


HDB Interior Design, Residential

5 Room HDB