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In the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, more and more of us are stuck in our homes. More important than any other time is the need for fresh air and a clean environment to make us feel more comfortable in our homes. Having easy-to-care for plants is a great way to not only increase the quantity of oxygen around us, but also to give us a sense of peace and refresh our stressed minds and tired eyes. How then, can you go about selecting the right plant for your home?

If you are like many people who don’t have green fingers, the first thing you need to consider is to start with plants that don’t need a whole lot of attention. Don’t be too ambitious selecting high-maintenance plants, like the orchid. An easy-to-care for plant may not look so aesthetically pleasing or colourful, but at the start, you don’t want another thing to stress about. The spider plant, the pandan leaf, and the snake plant (also known as the mother-in-law’s plant) are great plants for ‘beginners’ as they add character to your home without too much extra work.

Also, you’ll need to strategically position your plants to get enough filtered sunshine and fresh air. This may mean moving and re-positioning some of your current furniture and decoration, but if you’re really wanting to see something blossom, then it’s important to give the plants what they need. So, take a moment to first plan where best to place the plant, and then make the necessary re-arrangements.

Be careful not to purchase too big of a plant. Estimate the area that you have allocated for your plant before going plant shopping. Starting with a small plant and seeing it grow will give you more confidence to try growing something bigger in future, as compared to starting with a plant that’s too big for you to handle, and seeing it wither and die.

Plants have been scientifically proven to improve our mental and physical health, so during this season when we need all the help we can get to feel better about life, go get started with a plant and reward yourself with better quality air and a sight for sore eyes.

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