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Costa Ris

Inspired by Nordic design and realized with lots of warm, luscious wood and comfortable furnishings. The soft light fixture and furniture soften the harsher lines of architectural elements, flooring and walls. Natural wood elements are common throughout the house, which helps to give much of...



There is no denying the soothing simplicity of the design with plenty of bright white open space and exactly zero clutter. But the best part is how the quirky personality of the home is able to shine through in the creative and colorful elements without...


Yishun Greenwalk

Organic elements and natural lighting set the tone for this minimalist modern living space The living area is the main meeting space in the home as well as the source of most of the sunlight, with its wall of windows. The most prominent of these elements...


Segar Vale

This two-bedroom space focuses on a few core concepts of modern design and does so in a way that really enhances the overall feel of the space. The most prominent of these elements are the way in which the space uses very clean lines, a...


Ang Mo Kio

Upon first entering the house, guests will see a lovely wallpaper, sunlight, and classic white bricks. This beautiful mise en scene is instantly warm and welcoming. The spaces include warm color combinations, soft textures, and plenty of vibrant personality. The strong simplicity of layout lifted...