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The Math Lab is made up of enthusiastic, qualified teachers that provides Math tutoring services using proven methods in a positive learning environment from Primary 1, Secondary to JC Level in Singapore.

English Tutors Now

Englishtutorsnow offers Exam Oriented Award Winning Exam Prep & Academic Tutoring for both at home and in class.

GP Tutors Now

GPTutorsnow offers Award Winning Exam Preparation & Academic Syllabus* for both at home and in class. GP Tutors Now is now working with SINDA (Singapore Indian Development Association) to give G.P. tuition classes to help weaker students easily improve their scores.


iPhonefix is the trusted iPhone repair centre located at Waterloo Street since 2009 that offers free diagnostics and on-the-spot repairs that specializes in iPhones, iPads and Mac repairs and refurbishing.

Chung Ting Fai & Co

Chung Ting Fai & Co is a boutique law firm based in Singapore dedicated to providing high quality and costs effective legal services to corporations, individuals and their families.


SGBudgetModels is a Singapore Modelling Agency that makes professional-grade models available at low-cost to SMEs and individuals.

Canopy Education

Canopy Education is a premium student care center founded by Michele See BsECH, located at Tiong Bahru.