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Cockroaches… Are there many things more repulsive in the world than these persistent pests? It’s not uncommon for older HDB flats and landed homes to be more susceptible to roach infestations. It’s hard to think of anything else we’d want to keep at bay more fervently. But is there a way to deter cockroaches without relying on products, traps, or professional treatments?

Surprisingly, there is a natural method that not only helps repel roaches but also adds a decorative touch to your living space: plants!

While it’s true that some plants can attract roaches due to their moisture and shelter, certain species have properties that repel these pests effectively. Particularly, these five types of plants have shown success in driving roaches away.

If you’re tired of hosting unwelcome roach guests in your home, it might be time to introduce these plants into your environment.


Lavender is not only prized for its pleasant aroma but also for its ability to repel roaches. Whether you choose to grow lavender in pots around your home or use lavender essential oil as a natural repellent, its properties can help keep roaches at bay.


Mint plants, whether spearmint or peppermint varieties, are renowned for their potent scent, which effectively repels roaches. You can strategically plant mint around the perimeter of your home to create a barrier against these pests. Alternatively, keeping pots of mint indoors can help deter roaches from entering your living space.


Lemongrass is known for its strong citrus scent, which is effective at repelling roaches. Planting lemongrass around your home or garden can help keep roaches away naturally. Additionally, you can crush the leaves to release more of its scent or use lemongrass essential oil as a repellent in problem areas.


Basil is another herb that roaches find unpleasant. Planting basil in pots around your home or garden can serve as a natural deterrent against these pests.


Rosemary is a versatile herb known for its culinary uses and its ability to repel pests, including roaches. Planting rosemary around your home can help keep various insects, including roaches, at bay. The strong aroma of rosemary is often effective in deterring pests, making it a natural and attractive option for pest control.

Remember that while these plants can help deter roaches, they may not eliminate a serious infestation on their own. It’s important to practice good sanitation, such as keeping your home clean and free of food debris, and to seal off entry points to prevent roaches from entering in the first place. By combining these preventive measures with the use of roach-repellent plants, you can create a more effective strategy for managing roach infestations and maintaining a pest-free environment in your home.

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