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Commerical Interior Design

Our interior designers are well-versed in the current trends in the commercial interior design market and are fully equipped with expert design concepts and space-planning abilities that will assure impressive results. We work closely with you to work around any constraints and to ensure that your brand is perfectly translated into the space all while elevating the customer experience.

Commercial Interior Design Services

It’s not just homes that need a makeover every now and then – businesses do, too! The right interior design can show off a company’s philosophy and style. A well-designed commercial space can also serve as a place to display products or services, or simply be a place where customers and employees feel comfortable. There are many factors to consider when shaping a commercial space, such as function and comfort.

KWYM’s approach to commercial design is both technical and creative. We handle everything from budget planning to design concepts and 3D drafting while continuously sustaining the creative aspect throughout the process.

Every business has a different culture and aesthetic, so it’s important that your commercial interior design reflects that. You should also keep in mind what emotions or behaviors you want your space to elicit. For example, if you want it to feel youthful and fun, use bright pops of color.

Workspaces need to be designed with ergonomics and safety in mind to improve productivity. Some office fixtures and designs that can help with this include communal tables for easy discussion and cross-collaboration of ideas. When working with a rented space, it’s important to consider the timeline for the proposed design.

Landlords and building management may set a time when the place can be occupied and start renovation works, so weigh whether it’s worth dragging a renovation out for longer at the expense of mounting rental fees.

And finally, think about what features or selling points you want to highlight in your design and how you can showcase them.

From streamlining a design for commercial spaces to building a unique office environment that accurately portrays your business’s brand, we are confident that we can achieve the results you are looking for.

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