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Condominiums have been gaining popularity in recent years thanks to growing urbanization and more and more people flocking into cities to settle down. As condos have less space compared to other larger types of independent housing, it can sometimes be tricky to decorate and furnish them. Nonetheless, with the appropriate techniques and interior design styles, it is completely possible to achieve a spacious looking, modern and trendy condo, even a 2 bedder one!

Besides the visual aspect of your home, the design choices you make should also have a functional benefit, it’s great to have a beautiful home, but is it comfortable to live in? To help you make these choices, here are some tips and techniques to effectively design a 2-bedder condo in different ways.

Techniques for condo interior design


Lighting is everything when you want to give a room some personality. Having lots of natural sunlight flow into a room will help uplift the mood as well as open it up making it look bigger and more spacious than it really is. This can be achieved with large, full-sized windows, or maybe even ceiling-to-floor glass walls.

Adding in curtains or blinds will still allow you your privacy while still giving you the choice to have a bright open space. This technique is especially useful for 2-bedder condos because it helps make an already small space look much bigger.


Using a variety of drapes, curtains, or blinds can really help to make a space feel elegant and sophisticated. Nowadays, there is an endless amount of creative and stylish options to choose from, so there won’t be a shortage of availabilities to match your unique style. Although, you need to be extra careful when choosing the right colour to avoid making your condo feel stuffy or cramped.

As condos are generally lacking in space, a good choice would be to have light-coloured drapes to contrast the room, or bold ones if the elements of your condo are light in colour. This trick helps to add a touch of style and chicness to your home.


Your choice of furniture for your condo will greatly affect the atmosphere. Generally for homes with limited space, you would want to stick to the rule, less is more.

You should choose pieces that are compact and functional so that they can also help with keeping your space clean and tidy.

Arts and Decor Items

To add some spice to your condo, you can choose to add some art pieces or decorative items. For small spaces, it is recommended to add wall hangings. Having a few small wall hangings here and there or some large wall hangings on some walls in your condo can help you achieve an uplifting appearance and atmosphere.

When it comes to art and décor, there is no limit or one size fits all. Allow yourself to get creative and experiment with what you think looks good and matches your condo. Play around with different colours and contracts till you achieve a condo you can be proud of.


Mirrors are a popular trend for a reason, as they can easily make a room look bigger and more spacious, which is ideal for a small 2-bedder condo. Placing a full wall-sized mirror on a wall in your living room will immediately give the effect of more space. This can be done in bedrooms and toilets to achieve an uncluttered and spacious feel.


To efficiently utilise a small space such as a 2-bedder condo, a minimalistic design is the go-to choice. This approach avoids making your condo feel cramped and cluttered as it takes up less space and might even free up space for you. Choose a simple yet, elegant design that is easy on the eyes and easy to keep neat and tidy. Keep only what you need and stow away any extra items in storage or closets.

Minimalistic designs usually fashion pastel colour schemes such as white, light grey, or cream. The minimal usage of bright saturated colours can be calming and relaxing, which can help you stay focused and level-headed in your life. It’s important to remember that this is a space you will be living in, so it is necessary to make it as comfortable as possible.

Hidden Storage

When it comes to incorporating hidden storage into your home, it’s a no-brainer for small condos. You can add lots more storage space to keep your belongings which will allow you to free up space, giving your condo a spacious and uncluttered look. There are many ways to add hidden storage, such as in couches, beds ottomans, and even kitchen counters. You really can’t have too much storage space!

Sliding Doors

To make your 2-bedder condo feel modern and trendy, you can opt to add sliding doors. And yet again, it can help free up space and make your condo feel more spacious than it actually is. Sliding doors are convenient as you don’t need extra space to accommodate them as the door will usually be able to slide into itself, helping you conserve the space to be utilised in another way.

Interior Design Themes

There are a few interior design themes that suit small spaces perfectly. One of them is the Scandinavian interior design theme, as it focuses on simplicity and functionality. It incorporates natural elements such as wood and plants, giving a refreshing and calm earthy feeling to the people in the room.

Another one is the bohemian theme, it is visually appealing and fun! If you’re looking for something with a bit more spice, this design is usually paired with solid colours, mostly pastels, to achieve a bold and trendy look.

Contemporary themes that feature simple colours like white, grey and blonde, paired with some touches of colour can also look really good in small condos. Maybe a mid-century modern or retro theme where everything is scaled back and simplified.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is the oriental design theme. If you are looking for rich and lavish colours like gold, red, jade and purple, this design might be for you. These colours paired with an abundance of natural light from large windows can give your condo a beautiful, sophisticated, royal, and opulent look.

These are some ways you can design your 2-bedder condo, but not the only ways. Due to a lack of space, you may think that there are limited options to designing your small condo. But that isn’t true! Besides the techniques given above, there are countless ways to make your humble living space beautiful, stylish and functional, and most importantly comfortable to live in.

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