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We’re stoked to be included as one of the top interior design firms in the Successful Entrepeneur award. Attached is the writeup accompanying the award:

Succeed or die. With two small children to feed, he had no option. So for two whole months in 2008 he made endless cold calls to flat owners, companies and architects. And walked block to block – unsuccessfully. Then, the miracle happened. Someone called back. I went to his flat, did a computer presentation. And landed $30,000 of interior design business,” said Mr Ng Ecstatically.

Through word of mouth, his business multiplied. “Today, I am a happy man,” said Mr Ng, 32, MD of Intesign DB Pte Ltd which is into residential and commercial properties. With sales turnover doubling to $1m last year, he bought a lorry and car for his staff along the way. He now employs ten staff (up from two) including interior designers, site co-coordinators, and also carpenters for his carpentry shop. From some 1,000 sqft factory in Woodlands which he shared with another party, he moved into his present, 1,500 sqft location at Richfield Industrial Centre at Eunos on his own.

Despite cash flow problems, “In my second year, I did better and seem to be progressing more each year,” said Mr Ng. The reasons? “We need to be honest and responsible to clients and provide good service. But before satisfying them, we must first do a good job to our own satisfaction,” said Mr Ng who has his ROD report stamped “Excellent,” on completion of his full-time, six-year Navy stint. Here from a cook, he become the Chief Chef on board vessels.

Subsequently from his 22nd year, he became a contractor for an interior design company for three years, than a marine sales executive for another two. He returned to his first love, interior design, where after being promoted to sales manager from sales designer, he went on his own, with his hard-won expertise.

The rest is history for the youthful entrepreneur for whom growth is imperative, for survival of both his family and business. “Starting with a showroom, of course,” he said pragmatically.

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